First Aid at Work

Carrie was an assessor for the first First Aid at Work course that I delivered. I felt so lucky to have been sent such a warm and friendly yet undeniably professional individual. It was a nerve wracking time not just for the students but for a fledgling instructor as well! She put everyone at their ease and brought out the best in us all. I can unreservedly recommend Carrie to any organisation requiring First Aid training services.

Lucy Turnell
First Aid Instructor

I have worked with Carrie for a number of years in the ambulance  service, and during this time she demonstrated great strength of character  along with skilful application of clinical and practical ability.
When I was recently asked to assess a group of students on a First  Aid Course run by Carrie, it came as no surprise to find all her candidates  confident and well prepared.
Carrie has excellent communication skills. Her natural warmth and  commitment to her work reflects on her students who I found to be relaxed and  receptive.
I would recommend anyone to join a course run by Carrie; you will  leave with a sense of achievement and all the required skills to help you deal  with first aid requirements in the workplace and indeed in any environment.

David Swain
Paramedic PA01374

Carrie was invited to deliver the 3-day  First Aid at Work course and also the 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course  at our College in 2010.  The response by  all participants was that the delivery of the courses had been to a very high  standard.  In particular Carrie’s use of  her experience in the ambulance service to explain how to deal with medical  conditions was acknowledged as being a highlight of her presentations.  Carrie provided excellent Powerpoint  presentations and plenty of opportunities for practice on the CPR dolls.  All participants successfully passed their  courses and the external assessor commented on the very high standard of  knowledge and practical skills the participants had gained.  Based on the response of the participants  Carrie was invited back in 2011 to repeat the courses which were again praised  very highly.

Jacqui Martin
Personnel Manager (Retired)

Emergency First Aid at Work

The first aid course run by Carrie was  delivered in a friendly, well-paced way with plenty of time to practise the  necessary skills.  Very shortly after it, I had to give first aid to  someone in a life-threatening emergency.  After a split-second of panic I  found myself, as if on auto-pilot, launching into the first aid procedures I  had been taught, which I kept up until the ambulance arrived. That’s how  effective the training was.

Helena Shaw

First Aid Course

I was filled with fear and trepidation by  the thought of learning about and taking an exam in First Aid! I couldn’t sleep the night before my first class and I approached the room with butterflies as large as elephants in my stomach!!
However when I walked in the door my fears  were immediately put to rest by the wonderfully calm and professional welcome I  received from Carrie, the First Aid Instructor. She conducted the course in a  clear and concise way bringing in just the right amount of humour and personal  experience to get the point across. She always paused and waited until everyone  had completely understood a particular point before moving on, and seemed to  manage to move the course at a pace to suit everyone concerned!
Needless to say I passed my First Aid  certificate, which was a minor miracle, and entirely down to the wonderful teaching of Carrie!! I would definitely recommend her as a First Aid  instructor, as she has the patience of a Saint and is extremely knowledgeable  about her subject.

Rita Carr

Emergency First Aid at Work

Thanks Carrie for the brilliant first aid course.  It was excellent and has truly taught me  loads and as a consequence I feel much more confident in first aid. You made  sure everyone was involved from the start with plenty of hands-on experience  and shared lots of witty and comical experiences. It was fun and an informative  way of learning and I actually forgot I was on a course as I enjoyed myself so  much! Can't wait to do a refresher course.

Dawn Gardiner

Emergency First Aid at Work

Very informative and thorough. Great hands on approach that meant  you learnt through practice. Quick paced as well!

Kevin Rossall