EMT Academy is committed to providing high quality professional first aid training in accordance with current best practice and the latest up-to-date medical research and guidelines.

The aim of EMT Academy is to ensure that first aid training is easily available to people in the workplace, families and everyone in between.

Courses are dynamic, interactive and engaging, injected with a strong foundation of medical knowledge. Our trainers have previously or currently work as Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics or First Person on Scene Firearms Police Medics. As a result we can bring real life examples, experience and scenarios to enhance learning. All students receive one-to-one practical skills time with the instructor to ensure they are confident in their knowledge and techniques, therefore making them better equipped to manage any unexpected real life emergency.

All trainers are fully qualified and insured to provide emergency medical training and examine courses to the Health & Safety Executive standard. We are monitored annually to ensure teaching is to the approved Health and Safety Executive standard, and we can demonstrate Quality Assurance (QA) and Accreditation to any client. In addition staff attend continual professional development training days throughout the year to enhance their medical knowledge.

Carrie Hollick